The Pet Show's HUGE holiday giveaway

The Pet Show this week is SO festive!!! We’ve got tons of great gift ideas for you, your family, and your pets, plus we’re featuring an amazing program that’s help to put millions of pets into loving homes over the past few years! Finally, we’ve got an amazing giveaway that you’ll have to see to believe!

Terry Macko, Senior Vice President of Communications and Marketing for the World Wildlife Fund, joins us this week to tell us all about gifts that give back! With over 200 ways to share your commitment to conservation, it’s one of the most popular ways WWF supporters can give a gift to nature and the magnificent creatures they support around the world. Dr. Katy’s favorites are the “Hands Off my Parts” bamboo t-shirts which highlight the worldwide increase in crimes against wildlife, and the “Build Your Own Buckets” where you get to fill your own sustainable, FSC-certified wooden bucket with your favorite species (over 33 to choose from). Check them out for some amazing, fun, and committed ways to show you care this holiday season.

Next, Mike Arms, President of the Helen Woodward Animal Center in San Diego, CA, comes on to talk about the Iams Home For the Holidays promotion that last year alone helped to place 1.25 million animals in homes across the country. The mission of Iams Home

For the Holidays is to help orphaned animals find a loving home, to educate the public about adoption, and to provide animal organizations of all sizes with important marketing information and guidance, as well as the tools for implementing media events and activities by utilizing the Iams Company’s vast network and years of experience.

Sandra Navarra from PGSPCA joins us with TWO Adorable Adoptables this week, both of which could NOT be more gorgeous, or more deserving of a loving home. Fred & Leia are both gorgeous, and both have fascinating histories. Leia is a Parvo survivor, and Fred is deaf, but neither of these guys are the least bit deterred by their backgrounds – they’re so ready to go to loving homes.

Finally, The Pet Show’s FINAL Holiday Giveaway is HUGE!!! Valued at over $950, you’re going to want to win this for sure!!! We’ve got some really cool gift ideas, and they’re almost all included in the “Travelling Pet” prize package! Check out our Facebook page on Saturday for our trivia question to WIN! Click here for contest rules.

Wayfair always has some pretty amazing products for your home, but the Eyenimal is such a cool gift for the techno-savvy animal lover on your list! Want to see what it can do? Check out this kitty’s ‘collar cam video’ from Eyenimal’s website. At $78.54, this cool cam is sure to be a major hit! Want more suggestions? Check out Wayfair’s holiday pet guide here. *not included in giveaway*

To kick off our FINAL Pet Show Holiday Giveaway, the Five Gables Inn in St. Michael’s, Md. is providing one lucky viewer with an incredible package from their luxurious and uber pet-friendly inn! A $500 value, this package includes a 2-night’s stay at the Five Gables Inn & Spa and a doggie gift basket from Flying Fred’s Pet Boutique, located right on the hotel’s property! At a mere hour and a half drive from downtown DC, you won’t believe the difference in pace in this beautiful and historic town. With all the amenities at this incredible Inn, you’re guaranteed to come back to the Metro Area in a better mood!

You’ll also be going home with TWO of PetHub’s Digital ID tags! With PetHub, you will have peace of mind that your pets will be protected with their QR code pet tags. If your pet goes missing, anyone with a smart phone can scan their tag, view your pet’s profile, and get in contact with you! At $15.95 each for the QR digital tags with a holiday theme, this technology is affordable! We’ll also throw in two tag silencers ($1 each), and two EZ change clips ($6.95 each) to save your nerves and your nails!

Now, anyone who watches The Pet Show knows that Dr. Katy is not only a tree hugger, but a major coffee addict. That’s why the Hot Joe Jacket is one of Dr. Katy’s favorite products of the season. Priced at under $7, this is an environmentally friendly (and wallet-friendly) way to keep your hot and cold beverages the temp they’re supposed to be, while adding a little pet couture to your day!

Conrad Hotels has gone vegan, and their cruelty-free beauty products are amazing. We’re going to send you home with a perfect little kit of travel essentials (valued at $20.12) from Tara Smith Good For You. This UK beauty has an amazing line of products that are taking Hollywood by storm!

Honest Pet Products are some of Dr. Katy’s favorite pet toys – EVER. They use only natural materials in their toys and shampoos to create safe, durable and fun products for the pets we all love. Hemp and wool are used to make eco-friendly pet toys and shampoos which reduce our carbon ‘pawprints.’ Honest Pet Products is also dedicated to supporting people challenged with disabilities and those living in poverty to provide them with income opportunities by making their products. We’re sending you home with a “Medium Dog Starter Kit” valued at $72!

Snazzy Jazzy Pet has sent us one of the coolest products yet. Do you hate it when you have to stop on a great walk to untangle your dog’s feet from his own leash? Well, this company has solved that. We’re sending you home with one of their Surf’s Up Dog tangle free coil leashes made for a pup over 25 lbs! At $28.50, this is a great stocking stuffer for your pup!

Another incredible gift! Bark n Bag totes are an incredibly fashionable, and eco-friendly way to pack up your pets for a fantastic getaway. Founded in 2004, Bark n Bag was formed to address the needs of pet owners who wanted a fun, stylish, and practical way to transport their small pets whether on a trip to the store or a long journey from home. Their mission is to bring style and cutting edge design to the pet carrier market at a reasonable price. We’re giving you a travel-themed bag valued at $70!

Furry & Fabulous has sent us some of the most adorable toys! We’re sending you home with a Smitten Kitten toy valued at $16. We would’ve sent you home with a Hoggy Froggy toy, too, but PapaDawg stole that one. Sorry, Pet Show fans. Take solace in knowing that 12.5% of the sale price of these toys goes to the Alzheimer’s Association because the creator of these handmade dolls has suffered from Alzheimer’s for years.

Sofia Fenton has beautiful jewelry for people, as well as for pets! The adjustable leather woven aluminum collar (valued at $48.00) that we’re sending you home with has a wine cork immersed in Swarovski Crystals! It is absolutely gorgeous and the oenophile pet-lover in your life will be completely in love!

The eco friendly/green movement is the hottest trend in America, and Dr. Katy believes it’s because people finally see they can have beautiful fashion and still be environmentally friendly. Bottled Up Designs is a remarkable line of jewelry made from antique glass and bottles reclaimed from antique bottle dumps throughout natural wooded habitats and rural farmlands of the Pennsylvania Amish Country. The creator of this line started this in an effort to help the environment and protect wildlife by removing the hazard of broken glass from the woods.

You may have noticed the gorgeous necklace Dr. Katy’s been wearing on the show, it’s made of a recycled Mason Jar from the 1940’s ($28) and we’re sending you with a beautiful pair of silver filigree earrings ($26) with ruby glass from a 1950’s era Schlitz beer bottle. Sorry, folks, the Depression Glass earrings ($45) are for Dr. Katy’s Mom.

JP Pets PetCare - 3 Pack ($28.99), Brush, collapsible water bowl, bandana ($20) – John Paul Mitchell, creator of the Paul Mitchell haircare line, has a full line of pet care products now that have only been tested on humans! This company was a true pioneer in the cruelty-free beauty movement. From shampoos, conditioners, ear/eye/body/paw/tooth/gum wipes, to waterless foam shampoos, they’ve got everything you need to keep your pups and kitties smelling clean and fresh.

Poochi & Toutou Size 5 raincoat for medium dog - $20 – these 2-piece raincoats come in 5 sizes and provide full coverage of the belly, keeping the tummy clean from mud and other debris that can accumulate during a rainy walk. The raincoats also have removable and adjustable “pants,” a hoodie and reflective safety stripes to make your pup easier to spot on a dark, rainy day. They’ve also provided us with a collapsible water bowl for your travel needs (a $12 value).

Hate to walk around with a bag full of ‘poo’ in your hand while you’re out with your pup? The people at “Poopie Purse” are betting that you do! At $29.99, this cute little cow-print bag will keep you looking cute even if you have a little ‘yard bomb’ on board. Oh, and order online with the promo code “Dr. Katy” and you’ll receive a Replaceable Lining Sample Package FREE with any handbag or duffle purchase.

And finally, you’ll receive a one-year membership to the Virginia-Maryland Dog Magazine. Virginia-Maryland Dog Magazine is a great friend of The Pet Show, and stay tuned for our PetShow/VaMdDog Calendar coming soon to the blog! This magazine is not your grandma’s doggie mag! By providing serious health, wellness and community information, this is truly a standout publication.