The Pet Show preview: April 27, 2013

Portis leaves the field during Sunday's game against the Eagles (Photo: Jay Westcott)

This week on The Pet Show, we've got an update on the ASPCA's Animal Agenda, the "Paw-scar" winning star of the movie "Seven Psychopaths," a camp designed to educate our youth about pets and an Adorable Adoptable from the Animal Welfare League of Arlington.

April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month, and who better to tell us how we can help prevent these atrocities than Nancy Perry, Senior Vice President of Government Relations for the ASPCA.

We're excited to welcome Nancy back to The Pet Show as she tells us what the ASPCA is doing on Capitol Hill to pass legislation to enact harsher punishment for those who are spectators at animal fighting events, to ensure the passage of the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act by Congress, and to close the loophole in the Animal Welfare Act by pushing the Puppy Uniform Protection and Safety (PUPS) Act through Congress.

Did you know that 98 percent of movie dogs come out of shelters? However, when they get older and are retired, they often do not have a focus or a 'creative outlet' anymore.

Barbara Gordon, Hollywood Dog Trainer, and her dog "Bonnie," the "Paw-scar" winning canine star of the movie "Seven Psychopaths," join us to talk about Barbara's new venture. Barbara started the non-profit R.O.M.P Reconnecting with Our Military Personnel... through the love of dogs in conjunction with Old Friends Animal Shelter in Los Angeles.

R.O.M.P. focuses on helping our military personnel cope with PTSD by training retired Hollywood dogs as therapy dogs.

Barbara has also invented a gentler version of the training collar called the "Loving Answer" training collar with a portion of the proceeds going to fund R.O.M.P. You've got to see how simple, gentle and easy these collars are to use.

This time of year, we're all trying to figure out what our kids are going to do this Summer. If you're considering getting a new pet for your family, perhaps you'll consider Camp Wannadog. We've got Nancy Katz-Triplett on to talk about all the things that your kids can learn, the fun they'll have, and even how they can come home with a rescue (if you so choose) while at one of the sessions of Camp Wannadog this Summer.

And finally, Sally Harte joins us with the Adorable Adoptable. This week, it's Frankie, a Catahoula-Pitbull Terrier cross.

This huge, friendly boy is one of the sillier canine guests that we've ever had on The Pet Show! You'll get the giggles at his antics. Plus, Sally tells us all about the 18th Annual Walk for the Animals happening on May 11 at Bluemont Park.

Plus, Sally announces the 'special guest' who will be the Mistress of Ceremonies this year...hint, hint!