Tenn. teen in national spotlight after Ashley Judd recites her poem at Women's March

FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WZTV) -- A Tennessee teen is in the international spotlight after Ashley Judd shared her poem during the Women's March on D.C. Saturday.

Nina Donovan grew up in Franklin, Tennessee and is now growing in popularity. Actress and activist, Judd, attended a local show where the young poet performed her "#NastyWoman" poem.

"Ashley and I had talked extensively about it, and then she asked me if it's okay that it's used at the D.C. March," Donovan said. "I was like of course this is going to be OK. This is like the March! I never in a million years thought that it would blow up or I would be doing interviews about it, especially when I was just sitting in my room writing it. It started out as a goofy piece, I am going to reclaim this whole nasty woman thing he said and then it got real serious, really quick."

As Judd recited Donovan's words aimed at President Donald Trump and inequality in Washington, the Columbia State Community College student participated in the Women's March on Nashville.

"It wasn't like it was a big riot. It was just all these beautiful people coming together saying let's fight for equality, let fight for human rights. So i think that's what we need to be doing, instead of attacking each other on Facebook and Instagram and hating each other. We need to sit down and just talk with each other and work together. I'm still trying to absorb all of it. I am just happy that there's hope out there.. So many women and even men have contacted me their like, 'I was raised by a single mother or I have a daughter and I appreciate you. It's amazing," explains Donovan.

As far as the president goes now...

"Like my mother keeps saying. if he fails, everyone is going to fail with him ... so I would just like to see him act professional, act like a president and fight for our human rights."

CLICK HERE for Nina Donovan's full poetry performance.

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