Teen Choice Awards: 'Twlight,' Taylor Swift, among big winners


Daybreak Daily’s roundup of the pop-culture weekend that was finds the proclivities of teens, fallout from Colorado, other things, and the mystery music video.

SO MANY CHOICES: And so many teens, per the AP, "The Twilight Saga" is gonna need a bigger garage. It was announced at Sunday's Teen Choice Awards that the supernatural franchise has won 41 surfboard-shaped trophies since 2008, including two awards earned this year for the penultimate film installment, "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1."

MEANWHILE: The full list of winners, per Radar.{ }

{ }COLORADO: Of diverse reactions, per the Los Angeles Times, “It was telling that within 24 hours of the tragedy, everyone was viewing the events through the prism of their own beliefs. From the left, filmmaker Michael Moore was saying that the killings would cause historians to "conclude that we were a violent nation," while on the right, Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert was wondering: "With all those people in the theater, was there nobody that was carrying a gun that could have stopped this guy?" This, of course, has happened before. In 1981, "Taxi Driver"became embroiled in controversy when John Hinckley Jr. tried to assassinate then-President Ronald Reagan after becoming obsessed with the film, whose character Travis Bickle attempts to kill a presidential candidate.”

MEANWHILE: No big surprise here, per Rolling Stone, “Out of sensitivity to the Aurora victims, most of the studios declared that they wouldn't release box office estimates on Sunday . . . then went ahead and leaked them anyway to a handful of media outlets. When bragging rights and tens of millions of dollars are at stake, sensitivity goes only so far.

. . . The movie earned an estimated $160 to $162 million, according to early studio estimates, enough to beat the $158 million debut of 2008's The Dark Knight and to set a record as the biggest opening weekend ever for a 2D film. Sure, before the horror in Aurora, the movie had been expected to challenge the $207 million debut of May's The Avengers, or at least pull in $180 million.”

VITO SOPRANO: Or something like that, per the New York Times, “The mob seems to have taken over television. Not in the way that the mob might control your local garbage-hauling or loan-sharking business. It has taken over television in that every time you turn the dang thing on some mobster, former mobster, dead mobster or ex-wife of a mobster is yak yak yaking. Who killed the code of silence?”

NICKI MINAJ: A grand show at Constitution Hall this past weekend, per the Washington Post, “It was neither sensory overload nor an inspiring stage presence that made the frenetic show such a success, but rather an unlimited supply of hits and a rapturous reception that was impossible not to be swept up in.”

JACKIE AND KELSO: They make it official, per Us Weekly, “Ashton Kutcher had a special lady by his side when he attended a party in L.A. Saturday. The Jobs actor was accompanied by his new girlfriend -- and former That '70s Show costar -- Mila Kunis. The pair weren't shy about showing their affection for one another, sitting close together during the fete and sharing kisses in front of fellow partygoers.”

ANOTHER ONE: Celebrity sex tape, that is, per TMZ, “Minka Kelly is the latest in a long line of actresses to star in a sex tape that is now being peddled to the highest bidder ... TMZ has learned ... but there could be a big complication ... because it's possible Minka was a minor when it was shot.{ } The tape ... which is 30-minutes long ... was shot in New Mexico and features Minka with an ex-boyfriend. “

DOWNTOWN ABBEY: A jewel for PBS with a twist, per the Telegraph, “At a time of unrelenting austerity, British television viewers might be forgiven for wanting a little escapism when they turn to the small screen. But the aristocrats of Downton Abbey, who have provided such an entertaining diversion from the problems of the modern world, are about to experience a financial crisis of their own. In the new, third series, set in the aftermath of the First World War, the Crawley family are threatened with the loss of their fortune.”

WE HAVE A WINNER: Just the facts, per People, “Emily Maynard's televised search for true love and a stepfather for her 7-year-old daughter Ricki ended with the season finale of The Bachelorette Sunday night: entrepreneur Jef Holm.”

AND FINALLY: Today’s mystery music video.

--Skip Wood (Follow me on Twitter @DaybreakSkip)