Taylor Swift: Joni Mitchell role seems like perfect fit

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Daybreak Daily’s afternoon scalpel-wielding lurch through the pop-culture world finds an appropriate movie role, more on Fake Tupac, other things, and the mystery music video.

PAVED PARADISE: And put up a pretty good parking lot, per Variety, “Taylor Swift is circling the role of Joni Mitchell in Sony Pictures and Di Bonaventura Pictures' adaptation of Sheila Weller's book "Girls Like Us," which would mark the pop star's first turn in a big-screen drama.”

A PLOY: Tupac Shakur’s performing hologram is not coming back, unless it does, per Rolling Stone, “In a backstage video from Coachella, Dr. Dre has clarified that the Tupac hologram was specifically conceived for the festival and not as a first run for a future tour. "It was strictly for Coachella," says Dre in the video. "Get it right. I want to get rid of all the rumors out there. This was not done for a tour." Dre did leave the possibility of a tour open, adding, "If a tour happens, we'll see."

WHO ARE THOSE GUYS?: You take the trees, I’ll take the bushes, per Deadline Hollywood, “Sundance Channel announced today that Creative Director Robert Redford will appear on Sundance Channel to introduce some of the most distinguished independent films of recent years. (Among them): The Crucible, Wendy & Lucy, Blue Velvet, The Deep End and The Imperialists Are Still Alive.”

LOSING TRACK: Seems like this happens every week, per toofab, “Looks like Katy Perry's got a new man ... and he's a pretty hot musician! Perry, who filed for divorce from Russell Brand in December, was seen locking lips and sharing some serious PDA at Coachella last weekend with Florence + the Machine guitarist Robert Ackroyd.”

STINGER: But it was fair and balanced, per Mediaite, “Following a re-broadcast of the series’ first episode, “Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire,” the show’s creative team appended a title card to the credits, which read “Congratulations FOX on 25 years…We still love you*.” That asterisk was followed by the disclaimer “*This doesn’t include Fox News.”

MAD MEN: Latest episode lends itself to a boatload of questions, per TV LINE, “It’s a toss-up for whose life will change the most as a result of what happened on this week’s Mad Men. The same set of hours unfolded three times, from the perspectives of Peggy, Roger, and Don, and gave us a lot to ponder.”

BE GONE: And stop spreading your lies, per The Hollywood Reporter, “A group of journalists from Britain's Channel 4 News have been expelled from Bahrain for filming demonstrators protesting against the Formula One race held there this weekend and oppression by Bahrain's ruling royal family. Bahrain authorities arrested the TV team while it was filming a demonstration Sunday.”

PRETTY COOL: Good for them, per Radar, “Giuliana and Bill Rancic have been very open about their struggle to have a baby in wake of her courageous battle with breast cancer, and on Monday, the couple announced they’re expecting their first child via gestational surrogate in an appearance on the TODAY show.”

SMART MOVIE: Others apparently agree, per the Los Angeles Times, “Screen Gems' "Think Like a Man," the ensemble romantic comedy based on Steve Harvey's bestseller, proved a subtly true point as it took down "The Hunger Games." The Tim Story film joined the ranks of the top-earning black movies despite not being a broad comedy, a la "Norbit" and "Madea." Instead, it's a sweet romantic comedy, a genre regarded as marginal within the realm of black films.”

BIG SCOOP: 007 will bear arms, per the Washington Post, “On the set of the new James Bond film, Daniel Craig and gang aren’t letting much slip about the plot of “Skyfall.” This is what we know: Adele may or may not sing the theme song. Judi Dench’s character, spy chief M, may or may not die. There will be guns.”

KID’S GOT IT: Of a rising star, per the Wrap, “Chris Colfer is best known as a star of the television series "Glee" but on Saturday night in Lower Manhattan he could add a new title to his resume: King of the Tribeca Film Festival. "Struck by Lightning," the black comedy written by and starring Colfer, drew a screaming, squealing, standing ovation when it premiered at the BMCC Tribeca theater.”

WORLDLY: Angelina Jolie is a step above, per Us Weekly, “During Monday's parliamentary session, government officials of the Sarajevo Canton chose to bestow the ultimate commendation on the newly-engaged actress: an honorary citizenship, to thank her for bringing awareness to the three-year Bosnian war with In the Land of Blood and Honey, the gritty, ultra-realistic film she wrote and directed about the bloody conflict.”{ }

THEY’RE A LITTLE BIT COUNTRY: Blonde ambition with a twang, per the AP, “With Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert and Taylor Swift atop the list, look no further than the CMT Music Awards nominations for proof country music's new favorite color is blonde. Underwood earned five nominations, Lambert has four as a solo artist and as part of her trio Pistol Annies, and Swift led a contingent of stars earning three nominations apiece for the 11th annual video awards show.”

AND FINALLY: Today’s mystery music video.

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