Super Bowl ads: Budweiser's Clydesdale comes out on top

Sex didn’t sell this year, but sentimental did.

According to USA Today’s ad meter, the most popular Super Bowl ad was Budweiser’s Clydesdale reuniting with his trainer.

“It made me tear up at the end,” says Tiera Bonnefond of Arlington. “It was a sweet commercial.”

People took to Tide's "miracle stain" commercial, which ranked second on the list.

RAM's tribute to the American farmer was the third most popular commercial of the night.

“A lot of commercials nowadays, they are just plain old for entertainment,” says PJ Woolley of McLean. “That one had some depth and you know, it kind of spoke to the American working family.”

But even some ads you liked didn’t sell you on the product.

“The early McDonald’s commercial where the young basketball player got named to the All American team, I thought was pretty clever,” says Joe of Arlington. But when asked if the commercial made him want to run out and buy a burger, he said no.

Volkswagen got some attention before the game on whether its ad was racist, but there wasn’t much buzz once it aired. Some viewers didn’t think the ad was offensive but found it rather confusing.

And while Anheuser-Busch scored high with its Clydesdale, its brand new Black Crown tanked with three ads landing in the bottom five.

Viewers had no taste for the loud and long lip smack that landed Go Daddy on the list as the least popular Super Bowl ad of the year.

Oreo won big on social media for quickly tweeting out a print ad making fun at the Superdome blackout. An Oreo ad agency executive says they had a command center set up during the game with ad execs and a corporate executive all in one room, ready to go with ads and tweets that would help the 100-year-old cookie seem current.