Stone Markers hopes to make a splash at film festival

A group of guys from northern Virginia are living out their Hollywood dreams. They wrote, shot and produced a film, with roots in Annandale, that's hitting the big screen.

The movie is called "Stone Markers", and it made its big premier in Los Angeles.

The film, which is currently being screened at the Toronto Film Festival, follows a group of teens whose adventures through the woods unravel a murder mystery.

The movie is the brainchild of Clay Sharman, who grew up in Fairfax County.

Sharman, the CEO of Promethean Light Media, said, "All we wanted was adventure as a kid, so this just happened to launch us."

Sharman stumbled into a graveyard as a child, but never imagined he'd write about it as an adult for the big screen.

Surrounded by Annandale's Pine Ridge Park, the woods are the birthplace of what Sharman hopes will become a blockbuster.

"Stone Markers" tells the story of twin brothers and their friends on a quest to find a missing boy. In doing so, they get entangled in the cold case disappearance of seven other children thirty years ago.

Co-Director Tony Canonico said, "It's a teen adventure that has thriller aspects to it, but at the core of it, it's a group of kids going on an adventure together to see what they can get themselves into."

Sharman and his buddies never faced a murder mystery, but they were chased through the forest by a spooky guy.{ }

"As I got into my twenties, I always told the story at the beach and somebody said, 'You ought to write it,' and the only thing I had to come up with was an ending. Basically, the story sort of wrote itself," Sharman said.

Fifteen years later, he took his Leesburg-based media company out west to Los Angeles and put his book on film.

Those behind the scenes say they're living proof that if you can dream it, you can achieve it.

"If you have something, just follow it through. Take the chance. Take the risk, and just go with it. We're lucky. We're the Virginia version of Entourage. We're a group of friends went out to Hollywood and made a movie,' Michael Schaefer, the film's executive producer, added.

"Stone Markers" will hopefully work its way into local theaters and across the nations in time for the holidays.

The group from Promethean Light Media who worked on the movie are also working on a comedy they plan to shoot right here in northern Virginia.