Stars recall defining moments on Dancing

The contestants faced a special challenge this week on Dancing with the Stars. They were asked to translate a defining moment in their life into dance moves, and some returned with moving tributes to struggles and successes.

J.R. Martinez paid tribute to the “men and women who didn’t make it home” from combat, recalling his own injury in 2003. Rob Kardashian dedicated his dance to his late father, who died of cancer in that same year.

Others chose hopeful moments. Kristin Cavallari remembered the excitement of moving to Los Angeles, set to the song “Crazy in Love.” Soccer player Hope Solo danced a cha-cha to commemorate this year’s strong showing of the U.S. women’s team. The team reached the world cup final, but Solo got mixed reviews from judges.

The most trouble had Chaz Bono, who was told “you looked a little bit lost.”

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