Scandal, Season 2 DVD and Season 3 preview

The cast of “Scandal” doesn't get to see scripts until right before taping begins. In fact, sometimes they only have a couple of hours to memorize their lines. But the actors say they’re as eager to find out what’s going on as fans are - and they wouldn't want it any other way.

Playing President Fitzgerald Grant, Tony Goldwyn never quite knows what his character might do next.

“I don't want to know. It's so much fun for all of us to have the same shocks that you guys have as an audience that I don't have an opinion,” said Goldwyn. “I don't want to know. I know we trust in Shonda's brain.”

Shonda Rhymes has created several hit shows. So what’s next for “Scandal”? Only the writers know. Guillermo Diaz is hopeful “Huck” will see lighter moments.

“That's kind of a dream for me,” explains Diaz. “Hoping Shonda brings Huck’s wife and kids back possibly.”

But while the “Scandal” crew works to create new episodes, the actors are hoping fans don’t get too restless.

“It’s just a break, it's not the end,” explained Kerry Washington, who plays “Olivia Pope”. “You can go back and watch season one, review season two, convert some gladiators, give it to your friends and then we'll be back working hard for you in season three.”

There is a “Scandal” meet-up happening in New York next weekend with fans coming in from 29 cities and five countries

Season two is also coming out on DVD and the cast says there's an hour long blooper reel that’s included. It's never-before-seen video that they're hoping will keep gladiators satisfied until season three.

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