Scandal recap: Who shot Fitz? Was it Huck?

The world wants to know for sure - who shot Fitz? We got a bit of clarity Thursday night. Photo: ABC

Last week, it was the shot heard around Washington. Now, everyone wants to know definitively who fired the shots that hit President Fitz Grant on Scandal.

The conversation about the last two episodes reached a fever pitch Thursday night, when the shadowy figure of Huck was revealed taking apart a high-powered rifle near the scene where Fitz was shot.

However, in an interview with TV Guide, Guillermo Diaz, the actor who plays Huck, leaves open the possibility that someone else could be involved in the crime.

Meanwhile, what's next for the government now that Vice President Sally Langston now has executive power? And what of Fitz - will he survive? Will he ever return to the White House?

We won't know for sure until next week's mid-season finale. Luckily for you, though, you can join the conversation below with our Twitter widget. Don't forget to tweet with the hashtags #WhoShotFitz and #Scandal! You can also tweet us @ABC7News with your theories.

Make sure to not miss ABC7 News at 5:00 Friday night for more on what may be coming next on the show's mid-season finale.

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