Scandal May 9 preview: Fitz is cheating, and who's the mole?

While Mellie was telling all about Fitz's infidelity, Olivia and the president were spending time...together. Photo: ABC

With just a few, halted words, Mellie Grant may have begun the undoing of her powerful husband.

Going into Thursday night's new episode of Scandal, which begins at 10 p.m. on ABC 7, all eyes are on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. after the First Lady's salacious interview, during which she reveals that President Fitz Grant had an affair.

Her bombshell came even after Cyrus Beene vowed what he called "mutually-assured destruction" if she revealed the dark secret.

Obviously, it didn't stop her. Meanwhile, through all of this, where was the president?

Sleeping with Olivia Pope, of course.

Olivia and her crew are having their own problems, in the meantime. They're still trying to track down the mole, who they for a time thought might be Cyrus. But during a look into the life of a man who once imprisoned Huck during his time with the CIA, they stumble upon a court stenographer who had her laptop with notes about a grand jury on the Defiance election rigging incident stolen.

The problem? Cyrus, of course, already knew about Defiance. Therefore, he's not the mole, and the Gladiators are back at square one on that front.

It all comes to a head again Thurday night at 10 p.m. on ABC 7. After the show, make sure to stay tuned to ABC 7 News at 11, where Cynne Simpson takes a deep dive into the social media frenzy that surrounds each episode of the hit show.