Scandal May 2 preview: Huck's dark past, Fitz and Mellie in trouble

Photo: ABC

752. 752. 752. 752.

The haunting, droning repetition from Huck that marked last week's episode of Scandal will come to another head on Thursday night, and with just two episodes left this season, all eyes are on Olivia, President Grant and everyone else as the plot moves toward a dramatic conclusion.

Thursday's episode begins at 10 p.m. on ABC 7. Afterwards, once again, Cynné Simpson will take you behind the scenes of ABC's smash Washington drama to talk to the show's power couple.

Last week's episode revealed a whole lot about Huck's dark past, one that included a wife, a family and a deeply under-the-radar job with the CIA that involved him, basically, killing people. However, once the agency finds out that he has a family against its wishes, they lock Huck up himself until he refutes the idea that his wife and son exist.

However, when Huck fails his first test at torturing and killing another perceived enemy of the state, the CIA "eliminates" him, or rather, a fellow agent tells the agency he killed him, but instead, he let Huck walk free and disappear. We finally see Huck, fully bearded, inside a Metro station begging for money.

That's where he, by chance, encounters the wife and son he left behind. The time on the wall says 7:52 a.m., which is why Huck is repeatedly seen throughout the episode crouched by a wall repeating those three numbers.

Meanwhile, in the world of President Grant, he and Olivia share a deep kiss in Pope's hospital room and admits he still loves her, an advance Olivia swiftly rebuts. To make matters worse, when Fitz gets back to the White House, Mellie announces that she's leaving him and won't hesitate to spill all about her "philandering" husband.

With all of that, Thursday's episode is obviously one not to miss. Make sure to tune in at 10 p.m. on ABC 7 and stick around afterwards for ABC 7 News at 11.