Scandal April 25 preview: Go behind the scenes on ABC 7 News at 11

Photo: ABC

After a three week hiatus, Scandal returns Thursday night at the apex of one of the most tense moments in the show's history - one where Olivia Pope lays in the hospital and the president reveals to his chief of staff that he murdered a Supreme Court justice.

Make sure you're tuned in for this week's Scandal Thursday night on ABC 7, which starts at 10 p.m.! Afterwards, make sure to stay tuned for ABC 7 News at 11 for a compelling, behind-the-scenes look at what happens on the set of Scandal, along with the latest on the day's top stories.

When we last visited with Olivia, Fitz, Cyrus and the Gladiators, Ms. Pope had just realized that Capt. Jake Ballard, the man who has been trying to woo her while she tried to extract information from him, had been monitoring her all along.

She found that out, of course, after sleeping with Ballard, flipping on his television and seeing her own apartment on the screen. He then tosses her against a wall and knocks her out, saying that he was doing it to "protect her." When she wakes up in the hospital and Fitz is there, she realizes that the two had been working together all along.

Meanwhile, in the never-ending sordid tale of Huck, he's beaten and kidnapped while pursuing leads on who might have been a mole at the CIA. It's nothing new - we already saw Huck get waterboarded once already. But this time, the person that knocked him out may or may not have been Capt. Ballard.

All the while, Fitz and the First Lady, Mellie, have another grating encounter in which the president calls his wife a "blueblood." He also says that their marriage was more of a "merger" than anything, which is pretty harsh, if you ask us.

Scandal finally returns for the first of three straight weeks of new episodes leading up to the season finale on May 9. This Thursday at 10 p.m., we'll find out more about Huck's past, the crisis team comes to Olivia's aid and Cyrus Beene starts to wonder about Jake.