Sally Struthers working hard after 40 years

It was 1971 when "All in the Family" hit the small screen, with Archie Bunker, Edith, Meathead, and Archie's golden haired daughter Gloria.

And after all these years, those were the days that made Sally Struthers famous.

“They yell, ‘Hey Little Go-irl" and I think, I was a little girl when Napolean was a cadet and they're still calling me little girl, it makes me laugh!” she now jokes.

Struthers won Emmys and Golden Globes for that mega hit show and hasn't stopped since. She's been on TV shows like the Gilmore Girls in the movies and on Broadway.

And now she's in the Riverside Center's production of The Full Monty in Fredricksburg.

“It's touching and funny and because I get to play this outrageous old lady and I put on old age makeup and gray wig and go out and have a blast,” she says.

Struthers says she loves the people here in the D.C. area. She stopped by our studios to have some fun on the Arch Campbell Show.

But there's one thing she's not so crazy about.

“I used to think that I lived in the most traffic congested area in the United States, Los Angeles, you've got it beat here!" she says.

Struthers says her greatest achievements are raising her daughter, now a clinical psychologist, and her work for more than 30 years raising money for children in third world countries.

“I went to a lot of remote and shoddy outposts and saw a lot of hungry, sick children,” she says.

Now, Struthers says at 65 she's not slowing down anytime soon, partially because she loves it but also she says, she has no choice.

“I'm ready to retire, I have a mortgage to pay,” she says. “People think I get checks for ‘All in the Family’ reruns. I don't. So I have to work!"

So Struthers will be in The Full Monty in Fredericksburg until April 28, then she will do three other plays, including a starring role in a national tour of "Hello Dolly!"