Rocket the giraffe needs a heater

Rocet the giraffe. (Photo: Bryan Allman)

A strapping 12 feet tall and 2,000 pounds. Rocket is a rock star!

Just a baby, Rocket was born with a bum leg and his animal herd rejected him. The zookeeper who bottle-fed - and raised him -- recently died in a fire. So Rocket came to the Catoctin Wildlife Reserve and Zoo for the summer.

But, after falling in love, they want to keep him.

Here's the problem: The long necked friend has big needs that are expensive, including a barn big enough he can grow into it with a heating system so he can survive the winter.

The zoo's director says it will cost about $60,000 to build his new habitat. They're trying to raise the money by holding special events and selling buttons, magnets and toys.

If they can't raise the money by November, they'll have to find Rocket another home.

The community would lose a unique animal. And there is no question that he feels right at home here in Thurmont.

Find out how to donate on the zoo's website.