Rihanna, Drake: MTV Video Music Award nominations bountiful

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Daybreak Daily’s wandering of the pop-culture jungle finds Martha Quinn (well, kind of), spiders, other things, and the mystery music video.

RACE FOR THE ASTRONAUT: Money for nothin’ and chicks for free, per the AP, “The MTV Video Music Award nominations are out, and Rihanna and Drake are leading the pack with five nominations each. Last year's big winner Katy Perry isn't far behind, with four nominations. Rihanna has two chances to win for video of the year; she's nominated both for her hit "We Found Love" and for her duet with Drake on "Take Care." Others in the category include Katy Perry for "Wide Awake"; Gotye for "Somebody That I Used To Know"; and M.I.A. for "Bad Girls."

SPIDEY: And his Webb, per the Los Angeles Times, “Christopher Nolan’s post-Batman plans may be a hot topic of conversation in moviedom, but intrigue is swirling around a different director of a 2012 summer smash: “The Amazing Spider-Man's” Marc Webb. According to a person briefed on discussions about the franchise, Sony wants Webb back for a planned spring 2014 sequel (with $650 million in global box office for the first movie, why wouldn't it?). Maybe more crucially, the director wants to return too.”

NOT GONNA HAPPEN: Fifty shades of no, per Entertainment Weekly, “The Internet got all sorts of excited last week when rumors began to surface that Emma Watson was in talks for the role of Anastasia Steele in the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey. Not so fast, says Watson. “I haven’t read the book, I haven’t a read a script, nothing,” Watson tells EW.”

HUH?: Just the facts, per The Hollywood Reporter, “New Delhi Television Limited, India's oldest and largest news network, has lobbed a legal grenade at The Nielsen Co. In a 194-page lawsuit filed in New York court late last week, NDTV accuses Nielsen of violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act by manipulating viewership data in favor of channels that are willing to provide bribes to its officials.”

OF A DEATH: And of celebrity, per People, “In 1976, Sylvester Stallone proudly brought the world both his biggest movie character and his first-born son. Problem was, Sage Stallone found it hard to reconcile himself with his father's most enduring creation, Rocky Balboa. Since Sage's untimely July 13 death of unknown causes his friends have come forward to claim that the 36-year-old had a prescription drug problem – and a complicated relationship with his famous father.”

PORN GOES MAINSTREAM: Kind of, anyway, per indieWIRE, “The San Francisco porn circuit gets its moment of glory with former sex worker and director Stephen Elliot's film, "About Cherry." Co-written by Elliot and NYU lecturer and writer Lorelei Lee, a porn performer, the film boasts stars such as James Franco, Heather Graham and Dev Patel.”

KATIE’S NEW SQUEEZE: A Brooks Brothers kind of guy, per the New York Post, “Katie Couric has fallen for a handsome financier seven months after her split with her boy-toy Brooks Perlin, Page Six can exclusively reveal. The perky former “Today” anchor — who launches her new show “Katie” in September — has been dating John Molner, head of mergers and acquisitions at Brown Brothers Harriman in New York.”

UPDATE: On the scandal, per E!, “As rumors continue to swirl about Kristen Stewart moving out of the house she shared with Robert Pattinson, Rupert Sanders has apparently emerged form hiding. Paparazzi photos of K.Stew's tryst mate taken (Monday) show that he is still wearing his wedding band.”

GONE: And probably forgotten, per Deadline, “ABC has pulled new improv comedy series Trust Us With Your Life after two weeks on the air. The series was hosted by Fred Willard, and the move comes two weeks after his arrest for lewd contact. Insiders insist that the two incidents are not related.”

AND FINALLY: Today’s mystery music video.

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