Queen Elizabeth II reportedly enjoys at least 4 drinks every day

Queen Elizabeth II and President of South Africa Jacob Zuma enjoy a toast at the State Banquet held at Buckingham Palace for the President of South Africa as part of his three-day state visit to Britain March 3, 2010. (

Business Insider has tracked down what Queen Elizabeth II eats and drinks every day -- and her majesty certainly seems to enjoy her liquor.

The Queen, 91, kicks off her days with a gin and Dubonnet cocktail with lemon and ice before lunch.

With her midday meal, the royal will indulge in a glass of wine (followed, of course, by a piece of chocolate).

In the evenings, her majesty prefers a dry martini.

And at the end of the day, she unwinds with a glass of Champagne (she's known to enjoy the brands Bollinger, Lanson and King).

This regimen is essentially set in stone for the royal; cousin of the Queen Margaret Rhodes told The Independent her drinking habits never change.

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