Psy: 'Gangnam Style' video becoming a world-wide sensation


Make that 'Psy."

This is one of those deals that slips under the radar for many folks -- but there's a segment of the world that can't get enough of him.

Thanks in large part to YouTube, the South Korean sensation is rapidly picking up world-wide attention, most of it based on his video called "Gangnam Style."

And here are some details, per The Independent, “He has been signed by Justin Bieber's manager, has the most "liked" video in YouTube history and yesterday shot up to No 3 in the UK singles chart. But who is Psy, the South Korean rapper conquering the world's dance floors? As of yesterday, the video to "Gangnam Style", in which Psy demonstrates the "giddy-up" dance that will no doubt soon be standard fare at Christmas parties, had picked up 251 million views on YouTube.”