The holidays are coming, as well as another huge gift giveaway!

Well, it’s getting closer and closer to the holidays, folks, and I don’t know about you, but I’m getting antsy! So much to do and so little time…same story as every year, right? The show this week is SO much fun, though, and totally holiday themed, so maybe you can take your mind off what you ‘haven’t done yet,’ or at least get some cool ideas for the coming weeks!

Sarah Zuidema and Kristina Robertson from Barkley Square Pets join us to teach us how we can make a healthy holiday dinner for our pets…or just have Barkley Square do it for you! All natural, human-quality ingredients allow our kitties and puppies to enjoy fabulous holiday fare without having to loosen up their waistbands like we do after a holiday feast.

Tim Link joins us via Skype from Wagging Tales to talk to us about the importance of securing your pets in the car while traveling, and how our precious 40-pound bundle of love can turn into a 2000-pound projectile in a car accident. These tips may help to save you and your pets’ lives!

We continue our series on pet-friendly holiday gifts (with a manly slant this week) and talk about our fantastic giveaway valued at over $560!!! Three special thank yous go out this week: the first to Rachel and Stephen at Ecology Shops for the incredibly thoughtful surprise they sent me in the mail to honor my late co-host Stanley.

Second, to the folks at Isabella Grace Jewelry. I’m completely in love with my new Papi necklace! And finally, to Caroline Golon at High Paw Media for setting us up with some fabulous products to add to our fun! You don’t want to miss any of these gorgeous gifts.

Finally, Patrick Cole joins us from the Animal Welfare League of Arlington with two incredibly Adorable Adoptables and a spotlight on some fun holiday-themed activities they’re doing at the shelter this year.

Our Pet Friendly Holiday Products and the Manly-Man Giveaway – Valued at over $500 - Click here for contest rules.

Ecology Shops Grace Note Wind Chimes, Attachable Urn and Honorary Plaques – I am so honored and so thankful to Rachel and Stephen at Ecology Shops who sent me the most lovely gift in honor of my late pup Stanley. This very ‘Green’ company produces customizable chimes, urns and plaques which make a very touching and memorable gift for pet lovers. Ranging from $40-$630, the chimes, which can be listened to online, can be customized with a message for the recipient and even an urn ($69) for your pet’s ashes. The lovely plaques are so special, and customizable, as well ($35).

Isabelle Grace Designs –{ } Dog Lover’s Necklace that allows you to show your pooch some love. Completely crafted by hand of fine (0.999) silver with your pup’s name, you can even make it more special by making it a gold bone! Accent the bone in 22kt gold! All silver - $130; gold bone add $15 ($145)

Doggy Doormat ($39.95) and Soggy Doggy Super Shammy (19.95) - These doormats and towels are made of SUPER absorbent material to soak up the funk off of your pets muddy/wet paws, or to keep all that post-bath H2O from flying all over the house! They can soak up over 7x’s their weight in water! Now, this is an awesome gift for a pet lover.

Shark Lift Around Vacuum Cleaner - $159.99 – Watch out Dyson, here comes a Shark! This little vacuum may not weigh a whole lot, but it certainly packs a punch. As a matter of fact, it even beat the famous Dyson vacuum in consumer tests! No better way to keep that bachelor pad ready for the ladies than to have your Shark Lift Around at the ready to easily remove the pet hair, and other yukkies, from your carpets, furniture and other surfaces.

BlueBlood Living leads ($44), collars ($36) and organic cotton totes ($19) – these very fashionable leads and collars are made in San Francisco and come in a variety of sizes and designs, including my favorite, the faux ‘leather’ collars which are truly animal-FRIENDLY. They also have a lovely selection of beds on their website, check them out!

Poochi & Toutou - Size 7 raincoat for larger dog - $20 – these 2-piece raincoats come in 5 sizes and provide full coverage of the belly, keeping the tummy clean from mud and other debris that can accumulate during a rainy walk. The raincoats also have removable and adjustable “pants,” a hoodie and reflective safety stripes to make your pup easier to spot on a dark, rainy day.

JP Pets PetCare – 3 Pack - $28.99 -{ } Brush, collapsible water bowl, bandana ($20) – John Paul Mitchell, creator of the Paul Mitchell haircare line, has a full line of pet care products now that have only been tested on humans! This company was a true pioneer in the cruelty-free beauty movement. From shampoos, conditioners, ear/eye/body/paw/tooth/gum wipes, to waterless foam shampoos, they’ve got everything you need to keep your pups and kitties smelling clean and fresh.

Thundershirt - Size Medium included in gift - $39.95 – Using decades of findings from research on the calming power of steady pressure in Autistic children, this innovative company invented the ThunderShirt to help with our nervous puppies and kitties. Initially intended to help calm during thunderstorms, the Thundershirt now has anecdotal findings of calming powers throughout the rest of a pet’s life as well. Whether due to stress during travel, to separation anxiety, or to new guests in the home, whatever the cause, Thundershirt may help calm your nervous pet.

Caseables Designs – German Shepherd iPad cover - $49.90 – This company’s iPad, Laptop and iPhone cases can all be customized with any picture that you choose, but for the pet lovers out there, what better than your own pet’s little mug staring back at you? The ‘manly’ German Shepherd on this case is sure to please.

Bedol Water Clock – green - $26 – These eco-friendly clocks run on the power of WATER, that’s right, H2O. So cool! No batteries or electricity required to keep you running on time, this innovative product is the brainchild of Mark Bedol. Not only is this an incredible feat of engineering, it’ll be a conversation piece in your house for years to come.

Rock Deodorant 4-pack Sprays - $27.96 – From the makers of Crystal Deodorants, the rugged natural formula creates an invisible shield of protection to arm your body against odor-causing bacteria for 24 hours. This cruelty-free product is simply made of purified water, natural mineral salts and natural fragrances. An all natural way to stay fresh.

Purity Designs haircare gift – Included are 3 gels, 3 texture waxes - $98.00 – these all-natural, cruelty-free products are used by celebrities and celebrity stylists around the world, and are on set of many popular TV shows (including Gossip Girl, Grey’s Anatomy and ___ to name a few)! The products you could win today are all you’ll need to create that perfect manly style, and have it last all day.

Sigg Water Bottle - $18.95 – Sigg is a progressively thinking, environmentally conscious company whose mission it is to end the pollution of countless plastic bottles going into our oceans and rain forests every day. These reusable drink bottles are not only functional, but come in a variety of designs and are sure to please the ‘tree-hugger’ on your Christmas list.

And finally, you’ll receive a One-Year Membership to the Virginia-Maryland Dog Magazine - $18.95. Virginia-Maryland Dog Magazine is a great friend of The Pet Show, and stay tuned for our PetShow/VaMdDog Calendar coming soon to the blog! This magazine is not your grandma’s doggie mag! By providing serious health, wellness and community information, this is truly a standout publication.

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