Our baby is the size of a pomegranate!

A rare night out with my husband and ABC7 anchor Scott Thuman. Photo:

As I sit to write this third "baby blog," I realize in just four months we'll have a baby girl! Some days that feels like no time at all, other days (when I'm not feeling so great!) it feels like forever.

The baby is now the size of the trendiest produce around, a pomegranate. She weighs more than 12 ounces and is about 10.5 inches long. I haven't felt the repetitive hiccups yet, but apparently that will occur soon!

My doctor says it's time to sign up for a child care class at the hospital. I thought we had plenty of time, but when I called, the first free Saturday class wasn't until the end of June! Looks like a baby boom in the D.C. area.

The feedback we got this week was fantastic.

Here's what Barbara Pocalyco said: "Alison, comfort is key: Stick to those sweatpants! No one sees what's under the desk.

"If you enjoy a foot massage, Peter should give you one every day. Send Peter out in a thunderstorm for peanut butter ice cream (my husband never lets me forget that one).

"I'm sorry that I cannot make any baby gear recommendations. My last baby was born over a quarter-century ago and I am not a grandma. You will need to have the much younger moms help you here."

Sylvia Palmer writes:

Dear Alison,
I pray that you enjoy this time, as this is the only time the baby is all yours. I enjoyed every movement my babies made. I had two daughters - 18 months apart, and they are the joys of my life. They are now in their 40's and I can still remember each pregnancy.

And from Elizabeth Bauernschub:
Start your baby's room. You would be surprised how fast the time goes by. Sorry about the sweatpants ordeal, but always be prepared with extra clothes. You will love having a girl the first time around. Happy Delivery!

So taking Elizabeth's advice, we started the nursery this weekend. In fact my parents drove up the furniture from my room as a kid (they've been saving it all these years!).

We painted it and painted the walls, and so far it looks great. We've been lucky to have so many friends give us big ticket items (a crib, high chair, changing table!) and since it's the first grandchild for both families, this little girl will have everything and more she could ever want or need.

Some diaper bag suggestions for those of you also looking:

Kim Nash Townsend: I have a great diaper bag by Coach, but I didn't buy it to use as a diaper bag. It just happened to have everything I was looking for in a tote bag to carry to work. I got the black patent leather, and you'd never know it was a diaper bag. I bought mine at, but they don't always offer it there. Have to watch for it. Congrats on your little girl! My daughter is expecting her second in August. We're hoping for a girl this time. I told her your news was a good omen!

Linda Royal: My daughter got a diaper bag from LL Bean and loved it. Very functional and bought it in navy so my son-in-law could use it also. She said it was made well. Congratulations on your baby!

Elaine Robinson: Petunia Pickle bottom diaper bags or Kate Spade!

Finally, I tried to hang on to my regular clothes as long as possible, but those days are over. So, anyone have their maternity clothes favorites?