Oscar moments that have people talking

Photo: The Associated Press

With the dust settling on the Academy Awards, we can now take a stock of the big wins and surprises from the Hollywood spectacular.

From the quirky first-time host to the lead actress who took a tumble, there were many moments at the Oscars that have people talking today.

“I liked the opening monologue,” says Jerry Schwartz. “Loved the way he handled that.”

Seth McFarlane, who has built a career on offensive humor, seemed to straddle the fence Sunday night in the 15-minute opening sequence that included a song about breasts.

“That was interesting,” says Joe Dobyns of D.C. “I’m really glad I didn’t watch it with my mom and my grandma. I was in my room watching it.”

The comedian is getting mixed reviews for his gritty sense of humor, but the reviews are near unanimous for Jennifer Lawrence, despite taking a fall on the way to accept her Best Actress Oscar.

“You guys are just standing up because I fell and that’s embarrassing,” the star joked.

That moment seemed to endure viewers to the 22-year-old.

“I thought she looked gorgeous,” says Ruth Ellen Schwartz of Columbia. “I think she handled herself very well when she tripped and she’s so young and amazingly talented.”

D.C. filmmakers Sean and Andrea Nix Fine took home the Oscar for Best Documentary Short for Innocente, and he wore his Washington pride with RGIII socks.

Ben Affleck’s acceptance speech for Best Picture won him fans along the way.

“I thank everyone in the movie, on the movie, worked on the movie, did anything with this movie. I want to thank my wife who I normally don’t associate with Iran,” he said.

“When Ben Affleck gave his speech, I think he was going to cry at the end of it. It was nice. I kind of felt what he felt there,” says Suleian Kha of Gaithersburg.