Oscar brownies created in Takoma Park going home with Oscar nominees

Lambert's 'Starlet' brownies will be a part of the gift bags given to Oscar nominees. (Photo: ABC7)

On Sunday night, the lucky actors, actresses and movie industry professionals who are lucky enough to win an Academy Award will go home with the iconic Oscar statuette.

But as consolation, those who don't win will get a taste of our area - in brownie form.

A year and a half ago, Leigh Lambert, the owner of Takoma Park-based Naughty Bits Brownies, opened a bakery after renting out a kitchen at Capital City Cheesecake on Carroll Avenue.

This weekend, she'll cater to her swankiest audience yet - Oscar nominees.

"For a baker, this is the equivalent of going to Hollywood and making it big," Lambert said.

Each nominee that doesn't win an Oscar this year will go home with a gift bag containing, among other things, a stash of Lambert's brownies, including a limited-edition "Starlet" creation, which was made solely for the big night.

"I wanted something that was really over the top and totally a celebration of glam and glitz," Lambert said. "I got to channel my inner 7th-grade girl and let her out."

What make these brownies so special, though, are the even more limited-edition chocolate-covered pop rocks, which come from a company in Barcelona and are no longer made.

The pop rocks that top each brownie, which are misted with an edible gold spray, make the Starlet bubbly. It adds a personal flair that Lambert has infused in much of her Naughty Bits business, in which she says she likes to be "flirty and sassy."

"It gives this effervescence; that sort of taste's like chocolate champagne," she said. "I wanted something that was beyond just a flavor."