Oreo turns 100: A century of snacking for cookie lovers

(Photo: Flickr/Kell Bailey)

There are so many ways to eat the cookie - crack it in half, twist it open, dunk it in milk - whatever way you choose, Oreo cookies have been a snack time staple for generations. On Tuesday, Oreo will celebrate its 100th birthday.

The cookie started on March 6, 1912 in a Manhattan biscuit factory. In a statement on their website commemorating the milestone, Oreo said that for 100 years, “we've made it our business to make life a little less serious.”

“In a world that's become far too adult, a couple of Oreo cookies, a glass of milk, and a shared twist, lick and dunk is all it takes to set your inner kid loose. Celebrate the kid inside all of us,” the website’s message said.

It seems that as the world has changed, the famous cookie has held pace by creating and keeping a presence on social media. The cookie has an interactive website, as well as a robust Facebook following; they have more than 25 million fans.

More than just a cookie brand, Oreo has become an international superstar of sorts. It can be bought in over 100 countries, and brings in over $1.5 billion in annual revenue globally.