Oprah's influence felt in Color Purple musical

Even though the end of Oprah’s talk show is near, her legacy is far from over. She’s touched audiences through television, radio, film, and theater. The musical adaptation of “The Color Purple” was created in large part thanks to Oprah. ABC7’s Cynne XUZ caught up with the national tour rehearsing in D.C., and found the cast isn't shy about crediting the original "Sophia."

Pam Trotter now plays Sophia in the touring "Color Purple" musical and says she's studied Oprah's portrayal since she was a teen. “The way they describe Sophia in the book it really was Oprah Winfrey - her character, her build, everything about her,” she said. “I knew every line so I would mimic her a lot, the walk, everything.”

But not only did Oprah help to bring the Alice Walker book to life through the Steven Spielberg production, she introduced it to a new generation through the musical.

Oprah produced the original Broadway musical and while its run is now up, this touring cast rehearses daily to ensure the legacy of greatness continues. The Color Purple is running at the National Theater until April 24th.