Not every hotel can accommodate a royal vacation

ABC7 has an inside look at the life of the royal family, and how they travel when they're away from home. There is a very specific protocol and not any hotel can accommodate them. Many of the Windsor's are frequent guests here at the Grosvenor House hotel in Mayfair, where they can be at home away from home.

Howard Hartley has worked at the hotel for nearly 30 years. He frequently arranges royal visits.

“If they leave the palace at 7:27, we know they'll be at our doorstep at 7:34. It's that accurate. It's really military precision,” he said. “We are one of the few hotels in the country or the world where the royal family has dined as a family.”

For head Chef Nigel Boschetti part of with the honor of feeding the royal family is a nervous excitement. “There's always a fear factor, you always get butterflies... at least I do, anyway,” he said.

So he keeps an eye on their plates as an indication of what his regal guests prefer.

“The first thing you always gauge is, did they clean their plate and if the waiter comes back and says they're just pushing food around they weren't happy,” he said.

Still, the challenge and opportunity of serving the royal family is always an adventure.

“It's always an exciting experience,” says Boschetti.

It’s not just the royal family who enjoys the luxury of the hotel. Every year, the dinner for the BAFTAs, the British equivalent of the Grammies and Oscars, is held here.