No Valentine this year? No problem.

(WJLA) - Have you been feeling a little down lately seeing all of the hearts, chocolates, and flowers? Are you dreading going in to work on Friday? If you’re single, don’t worry – you’re not alone.

"This year I'm single for the first time, and I don't know if I'm going to get anything for Valentine's Day," says one D.C. area resident.

So why not send yourself some nice flowers from a “fake" Valentine? It’s an option being offered by a website:

The founder says the idea was inspired by her own life:

"I have a lot of single friends who dread Valentine's Day every year when everyone at the office is getting flowers," says CEO, Shavanna Miller.

So she came up with a way you can take matters into your own hands. First, choose your type: The Romantic, The Secret Admirer, or The Creep. And the company will even write you a personalized note!

But not everybody we talked with was on board with the idea, saying it was a little bit pathetic and that they would never consider doing such a thing.

But florists say that every year, they have customers send themselves flowers. So why not just embrace it?

"Nothing to be ashamed of," says Nosegay Flower Shop designer Alisa Rabinovich. "Flowers make people smile no matter who they're going to or who they're coming from."