Nick Carter's solo tour comes through Baltimore

Nick Carter (Photo Credit: Elstad Ranch via Flikr)

Nick Carter will be coming through Baltimore tomorrow, February 3rd, playing at Rams Head Live.{ }He is currently on a limited tour promoting{ }his second solo{ }album prior to going abroad with NKOTBSB. The tour only has nine dates left, all of them only on the east coast. He is also exclusively playing smaller venues, which the Backstreet Boys have only done on one tour since their Millennium success. Furthermore, Carter will not only be singing his solo work but also solo versions of famous BSB hits.

Sadly, Carter hit the trending news yesterday concerning the tragedy of his sister, Leslie's, death. But his album is what should be given the attention, not his family tragedies. When half of the top ten on iTunes are filled with badly produced dance tracks discussing topics that are forbidden in Catholic school, the one thing we could use on the charts is a Backstreet Boy. However, do not assume that just because he was a major part of the pop explosion in the late 90s, that his personal style has not changed or is that of the Backstreet Boys.

Carter's new sound is a mix between a lot of popular styles such as R&B, Dance, and Pop. His music is and has always been very commercial; he adapts to the sound of the industry. Some of his more catchy tracks are his first single, "Just One Kiss", "Great Divide", and "Falling Down." The first two are more R&B/Pop while the 3rd has a Pop/Rock sound. But for those interested in the Dance tracks, they are "Burning Up", "Falling in Love Again". and "Not the Other Guy."

By co-writing every song on the album, Carter is sharing more of himself than every before and it has definitely paid off.{ } His VIPs are selling out at $150 even in a recession, which concludes that BSB fans are very dedicated.

Just twelve years ago, you couldn't turn on the radio without hearing one of the Backstreet Boys' hits. Their album, Millennium, sold 30 million copies alone. But the average American probably is not aware that the group is still together thirteen years later and is even due to go back into the studio later this month.{ }

Tickets are still available at the venue's website. However, the VIPs are sold out. For all of you that are still closeted Backstreet Boy fans or are even out and proud, this is the only time Carter will be coming through the U.S. until the release of the new Backstreet Boys album.