Netflix price increase has subscribers angry, considering other options

Darcy Niestroy and her family are on the front lines of a populist battle against Netflix and their very unpopular 60 percent price hike.

Even though she and her three boys really enjoy the streaming movies and DVDs that come to their door, the price jump – from $9.99 to nearly $16 a month - is just too much.

“We talked about it last night we're probably going to turn it off,” she said. “It’s just not worth it.”

And they aren’t alone. Netflix angst is blowing up online. More than 57,000 comments on Netflix’ Facebook page have been posted about the price hike and most of them are negative. Some are even joining groups like “I cancelled Netflix. Proud of it.”

“Blockbuster has gone out of business, Redbox is inconvenient, Hulu only does T.V. So from a competitive standpoint, unless I buy things from Apple, I don't have any option,” said Netflix user Karen Sheehan. “They are taking advantage of it.”

While some are agreeing to pay the hike, the Niestroy family have decided against it.

“We use it a lot, so definitely don't want to turn it off, but at those prices we're going too,” Darcy Niestroy said.