Mother Dolores Hart has new book out

She wasn't always Mother Dolores Hart.

Hart was just 18 when she starred with Elvis Presley in the movie “Loving You.”

Born Dolores Hicks in 1938 in Chicago, she starred in 10 movies in the 1950s and 60s. She was surrounded by big names and big money and was living the high life in Hollywood. But something was missing.

She found it at Regina Laudis Abbey in Bethlehem, Conn.

“The minute I put my feet on the ground, something went through me,” she says. “It's that deep experience of love that completely fills you.”

She stunned Tinseltown by breaking off her engagement and instead, becoming a Bride of the Church.

Since 1963, now "Mother" Dolores Hart has been a cloistered nun, serving others but shunning worldly comforts.

She did walk the red carpet again last year for a documentary about her up for an Oscar and has a written a book about her remarkable life.

She hasn't lost her love of movies - or her piercing blue eyes.

And she's found the secret, she says, to happiness.

“You can't find happiness putting another fancy dress on,” she says. “Happiness comes when you find someone that you really love, that you can really give your life to.”