Michelle Obama DNC dress to be sold at retailers

In a shimmering pink and blue dress, First Lady Michelle Obama took the stage at the Democratic National Convention last week. The speech is long over, but talk of the gown is still buzzing.

Soon, local shoppers won't have to raid her closet to steal the style. New York-based Tracy Reese plans to put the custom dress into mass production.

"We've had a lot of interested, we've had a lot of people sign up to be informed once we get more details," says Proper Topper manager Tara McCredie.

D.C. fashion boutique Proper Topper already carries Tracy Reese and hopes sell the dress for less than $500 per order. But they can't say when shoppers will be able to buy it. Customers say they can hardly wait.

"It would mean just mean a lot just to know that I've owned something that she has donned in her wardrobe,” says Yvonne Clark, an Upper Marlboro resident. “Just be really exciting and something that I would treasure forever.”

Locals like Elizabeth Blacevich say they'll buy it but only if it's a good fit and a good price.

"All depends on what it looks like, and the color and the proportion,” Blacevich says.

A PR firm representing Tracy Reese can't confirm which stores will carry the dress. But one thing is certain: Shoppers have their wallets ready.