Markette Smith makes top 5 for Live! with Kelly co-host competition

The D.C. woman who’s in the running to co-host Live! with Kelly has made it to the top five.

The show is flying Markette Smith up to New York in the next few days, where she’ll compete against four men in the "Coast-to-Coast Co-host Search".{ }

If she makes the cut, Smith will get to live out her dream for one day later this month, a day that also happens to be her birthday.

"Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy. But, here's my number. Co-host maybe," Smith said in her audition tape.

Thousands of "Live! With Kelly" fans who heard the call for a co-host made their pitch for the job, including Smith and her YouTube video.

While driving through Virginia days later, Smith's phone began buzzing, and a New York area code flashed across the screen.

Smith said, "So I pulled over on the shoulder of the highway, and I listen to the voicemail and it was a producer with Live! With Kelly...they wanted to pre-interview me, and they told me they loved my video and that I was going to be in the top 25."

From there, Smith made it to the top 10, and with your vote she has made it to the final five.

Her husband and friends are helping to push her pitch.

Smith grew up in L.A., moving to the District 10 years ago. She has held multiple media gigs, ranging from web producer and lifestyle blogger. Currently, Smith is a general assignment reporter for WAMU radio.

If she makes it on national TV, she says you can rest assured she'll take a piece of home with her to the Big Apple.

"The D.C. area is one of the smartest, most well-educated regions in the country, so I hope to represent D.C. with class, dignity...have a little fun along the way," Smith added.