Love at first flight: Online dating site pairs singles at airports

If you feel like you're looking for love in all the wrong places, you may want to pack up for the airport.

A new form of online dating is pairing up singles waiting for flights. The dating site is called Meet at the Airport and it's giving new meaning to "love is in the air."

The site just released a list of our nation's best airport restaurants, where you can toast to romance. Taking home first place is The Encounter" at Los Angeles International Airport.

And the runner-up? Right here in our own backyard.

The next time you find yourself wheeling luggage through Dulles, you may consider shopping for a mate outside your gate.

At Vino Volo in Gate C, there's love at first flight.

“It happens on a daily basis here,” says Pam Seaton of Vino Volo.

Two strangers met at the wine bar two years ago and ended up later toasting their marriage. The man was from LA and his now-wife was from Paris.

“It was actually a happy accident,” Seaton says. “It was one of our co-seating situations where we said, you know, we have a seat available if you don't mind sharing a table. He said he'd be happy to.”

More and more singles are finding their ticket to romance in the terminal.

A new study finds more than one in three marriages now begin with an online encounter.