Lindsay Lohan 'SNL' performance: good, bad, indifferent, whatever


Daybreak Daily’s afternoon excursion into the post-weekend chaos that is the pop-culture world finds a comeback kid (she hopes), Sarah Palin (not the comeback kid), other things, and the mystery music video.

MISS LOHAN: For the record, @DaybreakSkip fell asleep, per the Huffington Post, “Letting Lindsay Lohan host "Saturday Night Live" was a mistake. And that isn't anything against Lohan, her well documented escapades or her hopeful recovery. The fact is she just wasn't ready.”

ON THE OTHER HAND: Apparently, we have a difference of opinion, per PerezHilton, “The critics sided with us, but the actors stood behind there Lohan! As LiLo's comeback tour continues, SNL cast members were behind their guest host this past weekend, congratulating her on a job well done. What shocked the cast the most was Linds' willingness to take a jab!”

THEN THERE’S THIS: Piling on when there’s nothing else to pile on, per the Hollywood Reporter, “The actress returned to host NBC’s Saturday Night Live this past weekend for the first time since 2006 and nabbed the show’s highest ratings of the season and some mixed reviews from critics. But, what were the moments that really captured the viewers’ attention?”

FOOD FIGHT!: Nuff said, per the AP, “Toga, toga! Universal Pictures Stage Productions said Monday that it's developing a stage musical based on its classic college comedy "National Lampoon's Animal House." (It will) feature an original score by the band Barenaked Ladies, with direction and choreography by Tony Award winner Casey Nicholaw, who also directed "The Book of Mormon" and "The Drowsy.”

HEY, THOSE AREN’T MINE: They should know, per TMZ, “Busy day in the world of naked photo leaks ... just hours after Olivia Munn's allegedly naked body hit the web, a set of pics has surfaced online showing what appears to be a topless Christina Hendricks ... but Hendricks' rep insists, the breasts aren't hers.”

‘GAME CHANGE’: Sarah Palin’s people don’t like it and neither, apparently, does she, per the the Los Angeles Times, “Palin lovers and haters alike will probably find the film more nuanced than they expected, but there's still plenty of over-the-top dramatic moments. For your reference - and to help out in case you miss the film -- we've busted down the two-hour movie to the five scenes most likely to be talked about at the water cooler Monday morning.”

‘GAME CHANGE II’: Another take on the book vs. the movie, per the New York Times, “The difference between the two has sparked conspiracy theories among conservative allies of Ms. Palin, who comes across in both the book and the film as woefully unprepared for the campaign and for the vice presidency.”

FLEEING RUSH: AOL is the latest to join the club, per Deadline Hollywood, “The Internet content company said on its Facebook page that “one of our core values is that we act with integrity” – and acted to protest Limbaugh’s characterization last week of Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke as a “slut” and a “prostitute.”

MEANWHILE: Tweeting gets you in trouble, per E!, “Patricia Heaton is back on Twitter, tail firmly between her legs. After sparking outrage for Rush Limbaugh-esque tweets insulting Sandra Fluke, and deleting her entire Twitter account in the ensuing backlash, the actress has returned.”

THEN THERE’S THIS: Now THIS is interesting, per Rolling Stone, “Peter Gabriel has demanded that his music be pulled from Rush Limbaugh's radio show after learning that his 1986 hit "Sledgehammer" was played while the host launched into a tirade against Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke on Wednesday.”

OVER-EXPOSED: Girl’s gotta make a living, per X17, “Kate Upton knows how to make a splash ... in and out of the water! The sexy Sports Illustrated cover girl is now modeling for Beach Bunny bikinis. When asked about the suits, Upton, 19, said, "I love all the embellishments and especially the lingerie details because they make you feel so sexy."

BIG YAWN: To repeat, big yawn, per TVLine, “Grey’s Anatomy boss Shonda Rhimes has confirmed what we pretty much already knew after watching Ellen Pompeo on Chelsea Lately last week: Katherine Heigl will not be returning to Grey’s Anatomy anytime soon.”

LEAVE ME ALONE, PLEASE: Demi Moore can’t catch a break, per People, “The actress, who was in the Bahamas after leaving treatment at the end of February is now back in Los Angeles, a source tells PEOPLE.”

STOP THE PRESSES: Well, OK. Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey news, per Us Weekly, “"Finally, Nick and I are ready to share our news...We have been blessed with a little Angel! We can't wait to meet Baby Lachey!!!" Vanessa, 31, tweeted Monday morning, just hours after her husband's announcement during his appearance on Live! With Kelly.”

AND FINALLY: Today’s mystery music video.

--Skip Wood (Follow me on Twitter @DaybreakSkip)