Lindsay Lohan Playboy spread apparently a done deal

Linsday Lohan (Photo courtesy Americanistadechiapas via Flickr)

Daybreak Daily’s afternoon stroll through the pop-culture neighborhood finds., well, this.

PLAYGIRL: Per TMZ, “Lindsay Lohan is shooting nude photos for Playboy -- TMZ has confirmed -- and LiLo don't strip for peanuts ... the spread will earn her almost a million dollars! Sources tell TMZ the deal has been in the works for months, and that Lindsay balked at an initial $750K offer because she wanted $1 million.

We're told Hugh Hefner and Co. recently came back to Lindsay with an offer less than her asking price -- but close enough for her to sign on the dotted line. No word yet on which issue she will be featured in ... but it's a good bet she'll be on the cover.”

MEANWHILE: Per the AP, “The father of actress Lindsay Lohan was arrested Tuesday in Florida on domestic violence charges after police said he grabbed his on-and-off girlfriend's arms and pushed her down multiple times during a daylong argument. A Tampa Police Department report said one cause of the fight between 51-year-old Michael Lohan and 28-year-old Kathryn Major was a scheduled Tuesday court date in nearby Sarasota County on a previous domestic violence case.”

MEANWHILE II: Per Radar, “Kate Major claims an argument involving sex escalated into Michael Lohan attacking her. As previously reported, Lohan was arrested early Tuesday for battery domestic violence against Major, his on-again, off-again gal pal.”

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCMENT: Per E!, “It looks like Sin City isn't just a place to celebrate your 31st birthday. If you're Kim Kardashian, it's also where you and your famous family go to launch a new store! "We are so excited to announce that our lifestyle boutique, Kardashian Khaos, is opening on November 1 in The Mirage, Las Vegas!!" the E! star writes on her website.”

KELSO: Per Celebuzz. “It looks like Ashton Kutcher seems at ease on the set of Two and a Half Men. The mastermind behind Punk’d got up close and personal with his co-star Jon Cryer on last night’s episode. After a failed pick up attempt with two ladies at a bar, who just so happen to be more into each other than either of the guys, Ashton retorts with, “You thought we were hitting on you? Maybe I have to spell it out for you!”
That’s when the long-haired hottie grabbed an unsuspecting Jon and leaned in for a grade-A smooch! Jon had the last laugh as he uttered the line, “We’re here. We’re queer. Get used to it.”

HUH?: Per PerezHilton, “Just when we think that she's getting her (things) together, we remember that it's Tara Reid! And when you're Tara Reid , lucidity never lasts for long!

The actress reportedly married Zack Kehoyov after a nonexistent engagement and surprise wedding in the Greek Isles back in August, but according to her when she landed at LAX this morning all sorts of wasted tired and out of it, the marriage was a SHAM - and the pair never made the union legal in the states!

AMY: Per the AP, “British police say there has been a slight mix-up ahead of an inquest into the death of soul diva Amy Winehouse. Scotland Yard said Tuesday that "material relating to a forthcoming inquest" into Winehouse's death was delivered to an incorrect address.”

AND FINALLY: Today’s mystery music video.

--Skip Wood