Leap Day births and birthdays

Zuleyma Mendez with her new baby boy, Juan Lucas Fuentes. Juan was the first Leap baby to be born this Leap Day.

It's a day that only comes around every four years. February 29 is Leap Day and it's an extra special day for millions because it's their actual birthday.

Juan Lucas Fuentes was the first Leap baby to be born this Leap Day at Shady Grove Adventist Hospital.

"I could have had him yesterday but he was really holding on to come this morning," said his mother Zuleyma Mendez .

The 7 pound 4 ounce baby boy was one of three boys and fours girls born at the Montgomery County hospital.

He was born one week after his due date and Mendez says the birth date fits his personality to a tee.

"Just his personality during the pregnancy, I just feel this works for him perfectly. He's just been that stubborn difficult pregnancy and he ended up coming on a very special day," Mendez said.

Lesley Easton was 88 on Wednesday but it was only her 22 birthday celebration.

"I don't feel 88 but I don't feel 22 either," said Easton, who lives at Riderwood village in Silver Spring.

She is marking this every-four-year-event with a week long celebration.

The mother of four, grandmother of five says there is an upside to having a birthday on a Leap Day.

"Everybody acknowledges it and they don't forget about it like other birthdays," Easton said.

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