Kristin Cavallari tells MTV she's out of element

Dancing with the Stars contestant Kristin Cavallari is known more for getting down at clubs than doing the cha-cha. And she tells MTV that she’s “out of her element” on the dance show.

But 24-year-old former “Hills” and “Laguna Beach” star also impressed judges and audience members enough to last another week.

"I don't have any dance experience, so this is very new for me. I'm out of my element here. The only style of dance I would do is like bop around at a club," Cavallar tells MTV.

She says she’s having a lot of fun and even plans on learning the salsa.

“We're getting a lot done,” Cavallari tells MTV. “We've been here for five hours almost, so we're a little sweaty, but it's been fun."

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