Kristen Bells cries over a sloth

Kristen Bell (Photo Credit: David Shankbone via Flikr)

Kristen Bell recently revealed the Insider that she loved sloths.

"I've been obsessed with sloths for as long as I can remember. They must be my spirit animal or something," Bell said to the Insider.

But yesterday on the Ellen show, she brought a video that showed her having a breakdown as she was about to meet one for the first time.

Her fiance, Dax Shepard surprised her by bringing a female sloth to her 31st birthday party. In the video, it shows her crying on the bed because she can "feel" its presence. On the Ellen show, Bell said, “I immediately was overcome and thought, 'There's a sloth near. There is a sloth here. It’s close. It’s gonna happen.”

The video already has over 3 million hits in under 24 hours and has already spawned reaction videos.

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