Krispy Kreme turns 75!

It’s a good reason to have a diet cheat day—it’s Friday, and famous doughnut maker Krispy Kreme is celebrating 75 years!

Krispy Kreme opened its doors on July 13, 1937 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. As part of the celebration, Krispy Kreme is running a promotion, as well as holding some events to ring in their 75th anniversary.

The city where it all started in North Carolina will host a block party on Friday night and Saturday morning to celebrate 75 years in business. However, if you want to celebrate closer to home with a glazed doughnut (or whatever flavor you fancy), you can check out Krispy Kreme's location near Dupont Circle, the store in Rockville or its Alexandria location.

Meanwhile, you can also tell us what your favorite Krispy Kreme flavor is on our Facebook page. We may publish some of your responses!