Katie Holmes' suggestive Halloween costume is a hoot

Daybreak Daily’s afternoon wonderment at the pop-culture world finds a different side of Katie Holmes, news about the Royals, and much more.

THE EYES HAVE IT: Per the Huffington Post, “Back in his early mother-searching days, Ted Mosby fell for a gorgeous girl dressed as a pumpkin (to be fair, it was Halloween). Things went awry and he was unable to keep in touch with her, so every year he'd go to the same costume party, in the same costume, hoping she'd show up. No dice, of course.

Fans of "How I Met Your Mother" loved the story, but one major question remained: who was this so-called Slutty Pumpkin? What did she looks like, and what was her allure? It's been a mystery for years, but finally, it shall be answered.

As previously announced, Katie Holmes will guest star on the show in that alluring decorative squash role, finally putting a face to the jack-o-lantern.”

DOUBLE TROUBLE: Per People, The remake of Footloose hits theatres today, and “Kevin Bacon is not the kind of guy to look back at his past work. But? when the studio unearthed his audition tape from 1984's original Footloose, he couldn't help himself. "It was like a weird time-travel, out-of-body type thing," Bacon, 53, told ?PEOPLE. "It's like if you went and saw the interview you did? for your first job. Wow. I literally turned the thing off, went into the bathroom, looked myself in the mirror and went, 'Jesus, is that even the ?same guy?' "

While Bacon is justifiably proud of himself and the film – which went on to? earn more than 10 times its reported $8 million budget – he does have a few regrets. ?For one, while he says he did a majority of his own dancing, he wished he ?had been able to do some of the flips and complicated dance moves in the ?movie's famous warehouse scene.?

"Are you kidding? I was furious," Bacon says with a smile. "It's like a starting ?pitcher getting taken out of a game – no one wants to be told they can't get? the guy out."?

ROYAL CAT FIGHT: Per E!, “Nice try, little sister. If anyone had a shot of upstaging a Middleton, it was another Middleton, but alas—not this time. Turns out, while Pippa Middleton was getting in touch with her demure side while attending a breast cancer awareness fundraiser last night, across fair London town, Prince William and Kate Middleton were getting in touch with their own charitable sides.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge served as the guests of honor at the 100 Women in Hedge Hunds gala, a private dinner held on the chi-chi grounds of St. James's Palace last night. The event, which raised a whopping $1 million over the course of the black-tie night to benefit the Child Bereavement Charity, a cause close to Wills' heart and a charity for which he serves as patron.

NO FUN: Per Us, “Kim Kardashian's latest fashion statement? A burqa!{ } Currently visiting Dubai -- where she helped fete the opening of a brand-new Millions of Milkshakes store and took many business meetings -- the reality star, 30, donned the garment and posted a pic on Twitter.”

YOU SAW THIS COMING: Per TMZ, “The bills are starting to roll in for the Michael Jackson Tribute Concert in Wales last weekend -- and TMZ has learned, the organizers have already been accused of ducking a $200,000 tab ... for VIP plane tickets. A rep for the Entertainment Travel Company tells TMZ, Global Live -- the company behind the event -- hired Entertainment Travel to book plane tickets for the Jackson family, Christina Aguilera, her crew, Jamie Foxx, Heavy D, roughly 15 Global Live employees and others.

GL allegedly racked up a $200,000 bill in the process -- which they were SUPPOSED to pay two weeks ago. But Entertainment Travel Co. insists they haven't gotten a cent ... and now GL isn't even returning their phone calls.”{ }

CONTRITE: Per Radar, “Lindsay Lohan may be facing an angry judge next week after being booted from her community service and skipping her mandatory shrink appointments, due to ‘financial hardship’ but the troubled starlet isn't worried about any consequences coming her way. "I'm not worried about court, nothing is going to happen to me," Lindsay has been telling friends has exclusively learned.”

GO HOYAS: Per the Los Angeles Times, “Professor, author and radio host Michael Eric Dyson has long been an ardent proponent of hip-hop, and now he’s teaching a course on one of the genre's biggest purveyors: Jay-Z. The course, “Sociology of Hip-Hop: Jay-Z,” is a three-credit, twice-weekly lecture in session at Georgetown University, where Dyson has been a professor since 2007.”

AND FINALLY: Today’s mystery music video.

--Skip Wood