Katie Couric coming to ABC, WJLA?

Katie Couric backstage at the 2009 Red Dress Collection Fashion Show. Photo: The Heart Truth via Wikimedia Commons

An announcement is expected Monday that Katie Couric will host a new talk show to be syndicated by Disney/ABC beginning in September 2012, according to the Hollywood Reporter{ }and the Wall Street Journal.

Couric will also contribute to ABC News programs as part of the team, but not necessarily in a featured role on any specific programs.

The announcement would follow widespread speculation after NBC and CBS reportedly opted out of the bidding for Couric's show. She ended her role as the anchor of CBS Evening News last month.

Less than two weeks ago, Oprah Winfrey's show ended after 25 years on ABC stations. And many have expected Couric to be the one most likely to fill the gap in afternoon talk shows.

Read the full story at the Hollywood Reporter. and the Wall Street Journal.