Kate Upton: GQ cover reveals much about the rising star


One of the richest things about Gentlemen's Quarterly, known these days as GQ, is its penchant for almost unfailingly being able to land the flavor of the month and slap it on the cover.

Over the past several years, from Katie Holmes to Jennifer Aniston to on and on an on, the so-called "it" girl more often than not agrees to receive the GQ treatment -- cover and racy pictorial.

So it is with the publication's July edition, which features none other than one Kate Upton.

Per GQ, "In the past fifteen months (she) has melted YouTube, transformed her Twitter feed into a product-placement bonanza, sparked a series of censorship controversies, acted in a couple of movies, made her Saturday Night Live debut, and—this part's almost quaint—landed her first Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover. We will allow that we've enjoyed the show.

"Now, with a little help from 19-year-old Kate herself (and with a goal of helping aspiring imitators everywhere), we've boiled her playbook down to these Seven Habits of Highly Effective Internet Bombshells."{ }{ }{ }