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      Justin Bieber fans break Guinness World Record

      Hollywire reports:

      Teen superstar Justin Bieber turned 18 on Thursday and came up with a creative way to wish him a happy birthday.

      "As a gift, the popstar's fans have a goal to break the Guinness World Record's mark for the most messages sent within a 24-hour period," Hollywire reported.

      Fan were told to re-tweet: "Please RT: Setting a world record for @justinbieber! #leggo

      The previous record was held by the Beat Cancer Everywhere campaign at 209,771 re-tweets.

      By March 1, Bieber fans had surpassed that number.

      In thanks, Bieber tweeted: "THIS IS AMAZING{>} the things my fans do. THANK U. A record? Leggo 4 it. SWAG!!"