Jodie Foster: Golden Globes Awards speech bizarre but heartfelt


If you watched it, you'll be forgiven wondering what the heck you were watching.

We're talking about Sunday night's Golden Globe Awards, and Jodie Foster's rambling speech upon receiving the{ }Cecil B. DeMille award for career achievement.

After reviewing several accounts,{ }this one seems to be the best,{ }per the{ }Los Angeles Times. Here's a sample and a link to the story:

"After years of putting up walls, Foster was real and raw — chanting "I'm 50! I'm 50!" as if that were the shocker. But that was only the first salvo — she took on celebrity, fame, friends, motherhood, family, her sexuality, significant others, privacy, aging, acting, movies, reality TV and other hot buttons that are escaping me now. . .{ }It was an extraordinary moment for this private actress on a night that usually doesn't matter. This night the Golden Globes mattered. And Foster owned the night."{ }