Jimmy Kimmel Live moves to 11:35 p.m. on ABC

It’s a big night for late night TV for us here at ABC7. Jimmy Kimmel Live moves to 11:35 p.m. right after ABC7 News at 11. The host himself stopped by recently to chat about the move, what he thinks about D.C. and to, of course, make us laugh.

Kimmel has been a bit of a regular in the nation’s capital lately hosting the White House Correspondents’ dinner last year and participating in the Kennedy Center Honors.

“When I wind up in a situation like that all I can think of is what am I doing here? How did this happen? Why am I in the White House and what can I steal from this room?” says Kimmel.

He promises he didn’t steal anything, but he did take a tour with his kids.

When asked what he thinks about Washington, Kimmel says, “I love it. It’s beautiful. We got very lucky. The weather has been nice since we got here, it’s a beautiful city and I love going around the monuments at night when nobody is there.”

He says the people of D.C. are very friendly.

“I haven’t been punched a single time!”

Everyone at ABC7 was nice to him, too, and he hopes viewers will be nice enough to tune in at his new time slot.

“Mostly it means hopefully more people will be watching the show because midnight seems to be that magic time when people hit the hay and everywhere I go people say ‘Oh, you’re on too late.’”

He says now he’s just on a little less late.

When asked if the viewer should expect any other changes, Kimmel says, “We’re looking for a new host! So if you know anyone send a tape. Don’t send it to me because we’re trying to keep it quiet!”

Kimmel says the new time is also a great way to celebrate his 10 years on the air.