Jennifer Lopez: Idol, Forbes, Vogue shine the spotlight


Daybreak Daily’s afternoon disregard for the ‘Do Not Enter’ sign at the entrance to the pop-culture world finds an all-over-the place judge, a shout-out from L.A. for Chuck Brown, other things, and the mystery music video.

JENNIFER LOPEZ: Hey, she’s just Jenny from the block, per toofab, “The sexy 42-year-old shows off her impressive figure in a number of bikinis in the new issue of Vogue, where she's photographed by famed photographer Mario Testino. Lopez was just named #1 in the Forbes Celebrity 100 list, after raking in $52 million in earnings over the past year and gaining even more notoriety thanks to her role on American Idol, (a show she may be departing after season’s end).”

CHUCK BROWN: The West Coast weighs in on D.C.’s loss, per the Los Angeles Times, “Featuring remarkable Afro-Cuban polyrhythms via pounding congas and rototoms, punctuated bursts of brass and Brown shouting out call-and-response phrases alongside grooves that extended many songs to over eight minutes long — and, more importantly, almost two or three times that in a live setting — Brown's music was for partying. Though it flirted with mainstream success in the '80s, the music has remained a regional phenomenon, a uniquely American strain of dance music.”

WHITNEY HOUSTON: This is the man who eulogized her, per the Detroit Free Press, “Detroit police said they don't believe a group of young attackers knew they had targeted a prominent Detroit pastor and gospel recording artist when they beat and carjacked him Wednesday afternoon.The Rev. Marvin Winans had scrapes, bumps and ripped pants after the incident at a gas station in northwest Detroit.”

DIGITAL DANCES: Be true to your school – at your peril, per Deadline Hollywood, “CW President Mark Pedowitz straddled the fence between digital and traditional media in the brief description of the network strategy he provided to the audience at his upfront presentation. Still, “broadcast television remains the core,” he says.”

JUICE BOXES: That’s what they throw at these concerts, per the AP, “Three members of the children's music quartet The Wiggles will be hanging up their colorful outfits and leaving the Australian band this year, with the Blue Wiggle the lone original member left dancing.”

STRIPES: He has earned his, per Vulture, “It is a known fact that no party really starts until Bill Murray does his thing. That proved to be as true in Cannes as it has in Austin bars and Manhattan karaoke parlors.”

HALF A BUCK: His hospital bill will exceed that, per X17, “50 cent was admitted to the hospital Wednesday to undergo surgery, but that didn't stop the rapper from posting pics of himself to Twitter looking a little under the weather. He might be a gangster rapper, but we got a chance to see Mr. Cent's softer side, dressed in a hospital gown surrounded by stuffed animals.”

GOOD STUFF: Revealingly funny, per the Huffington Post, “Mick Jagger is hosting "Saturday Night Live" for the very first time this weekend, and based on promos just released, he appears to go all in for the 37th season finale of the NBC comedy show.”

POPULAR THERE: But not so much here, per The Hollywood Reporter, “Sacha Baron Cohen's world travels appear to be paying off, with his new comedy The Dictator posting a promising $4.2 million from nine markets as it began to roll out overseas on Wednesday, including $1.6 million in the U.K. The Paramount picture is expected to fare notably better internationally than domestically, where it opened to a softish $4.2 million on Wednesday.”

IDOL: The Final Three, per People, “Joshua Ledet, Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez. While it may indeed be the closest American Idol race ever, the three remaining competitors are a tight group – and they appear to be as happy for each other as for themselves.”

FAKE OR NOT FAKE?: This is a really good read, per the New York Times, “Deep inside a nondescript building in SoHo, a two-story steel vault marked “Fort Knox” holds a huge arsenal of weapons that has armed action heroes and their adversaries, fake armies and feds, and Tony Soprano. . . “All these guns are real,” said the arsenal’s owner, Rick Washburn, a former actor whose company, the Specialists, has become an emporium for production weapons on the East Coast.”

POTUS PLAY: One man plays his hand – and possibly others, per indieWIRE, “When Harvey Weinstein decided to plunk down about $2.5 million for U.S. distribution rights to “Code Name: Geronimo” at Cannes Wednesday, he was pocketing more than just a rousing real-life story about the fatal takedown of Osama bin Laden. The Weinstein Co. topper’s ambitions extend beyond the box office all the way to the Oval Office.”

AND FINALLY: Today’s mystery music video.

--Skip Wood (Follow me on Twitter @DaybreakSkip)