Arch Campbell Show: In theaters: A rare and poignant look at famed movie critic Roger Ebert

(WJLA) - Roger Ebert won fame battling with Gene Siskel on a public television show that went national.

The two film critics wrote for competing newspapers - Siskel for the Chicago Tribune, Ebert for the Sun-Times. Their competition over film reviews echoed conversations between couples after a movie, and made for great viewing.

The upcoming film "Life Itself" touches on Ebert's passion for movies, his gift for writing, and his demons, including alcoholism; going unmarried until age 50, when he found his soul mate and mellowed; and coming to terms with Siskel, who died first in 1999 and was the older brother he never had.

While Siskel kept his illness private, Ebert went public with the cancer that took his lower jaw and voice.

"Life Itself" celebrates the humanity of our time's most powerful critic.

This weekend's box office top three: "Transformers," "Tammy" and "Deliver Us From Evil."

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