Hump Day camel visits Rosslyn

ARLINGTON, Va. (WJLA) - A well-known camel visited WJLA last week to celebrate Hump Day.

Perhaps you've seen the commercial, the one with the camel in the office celebrating Wednesday? With all the cold, depressing weather, WJLA wanted to see what would happen if Hump Day became a reality.

Among the Rosslyn skyscrapers was something unexpected - the kind of moment that brings cars to a stop and sends people rushing with cameras in hand - gathering to share the unexpected.

Aladdin the Camel left his farm in Berryville, Va. to explore Arlington, make some new friends, and pose for countless photos. He even got a handful of treats from Leon Harris.

It wasn't exactly what Alison Starling was expecting to see outside WJLA, but Aladdin was ready and waiting with a little Hump Day love.

Aladdin is 6 years old and loves being around people. His owner, Jennifer Cossette, says he loves following his handlers everywhere they go.

Auto insurance company Geico has hired Aladdin on occasion for Hump Day events, and he has gained popularity as the Christmas camel at Mount Vernon.