Howard University alum takes part in 'Scandal' finale

(WJLA) - Howard University alum Debbie Allen has been a fan of “Scandal” since day one:

"The minute I was saw it, I was like 'Shonda come on honey, what do I have to do?'"

Allen was a guest director on Rhimes’ other big hit, Grey’s Anatomy, for four years, and told Rhimes she wanted a chance to work on her newest hit show.

"Scandal just touches on new territory in a way nothing else does anywhere in television or anywhere in the movies," she explains.

Allen directed the second-to-last episode of this season, and also had a big hand in Thursday night’s finale as an assistant director.

"I had a great time with the crew and the cast, and that's really in the making because once you go to work you're going to work," she says.

Allen tells ABC7 she enjoyed the task of finding creative ways to hide front woman Kerry Washington’s growing baby bump.

"I was pregnant on Fame, my sister Phylicia was pregnant on The Cosby Show...we've had a lot of experience with that," she says.

Allen has worked with several members of the “Scandal” staff and crew, including Joe Morton -- the two worked together on Broadway several years ago. In the future, she hopes to continue working on the show and learning from Shonda Rhimes:

"She has the right icon for her company -- the roller coaster, because that's what it's like. It's like this ride takes you up, drops you down, whips you around and you don't want to get off."

If you were watching “Scandal” tonight, you know how the season ended. But Debbie Allen tells us that if she could write the story line, she would have Fitz lose the election so he and Olivia can run off together. She admits, though, that would just be the end of all the scandal.