Hot Toys 2013: One Direction dolls, Barbie and Elmo make the list

(WJLA) - If you've got kids, you probably know exactly what the hottest toys of the holiday season are, thanks to those young experts who have already presented you with a detailed list.

But it's always good strategy to know what you're up against. That's where the Daily News comes in. They've compiled their annual Holiday Gift Guide and it's fully loaded with hot toys and presents that your kids (and lots of other kids) are sure to love.

Some of the pricier toys include the TechTab for $130 and the nnoTab for $100. And while each singing One Direction doll is just $30, if you buy all five you'll be paying much more than some tech toys.

PlaySkool's digital camera, the Barbie Glam Boat and Big Hugs Elmo aren't exactly on the cheap side. The camera and Elmo are about $50 each. The boat is $60, Barbie included.

Some of the best bargains: eco-dough for $20, a Superman Projection Watch for $10 and a Sofia the First doll for just $10.

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