Halloween 2013: Lee St. prepares for trick-or-treaters in Old Town Alexandria

Beware of giant, dangling spiders. They're hanging from trees, doors and just about everything else in Old Town this Halloween. Photo: Scott Meeks

The more the merrier. Actually, the more the scarier! That’s the idea behind the annual and ever-growing frightfest that’s set to take place in Old Town Alexandria again this year.

The South Lee Street event has become a devilish destination for thousands of families on Halloween night. Residents say it takes some planning, but they’re ALMOST ready for the flood of trick-or-treaters who will soon take over.

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WJLA) - Lee Street families are stocking up on massive amounts of candy. And one by one, charming row homes are being transformed into haunted manors. (Take notice, there’s an unusual amount of dangling, giant spiders this year.) Neighbors say the annual Lee Street spooktacular is family-friendly, super fun and always chaotic!

“I bet we have 10,000 people in five blocks,” said Jon Wilbor. “It’s like the stadium let out after a ball game.”

Wilbor has seen his share of Lee St. Halloweens. He’s lived in Old Town for more than 30 years and has watched the number of costumed-kiddies swell every year. Fifteen years ago, Wibor tossed candy to about 200 trick-or-treaters. Three years ago, that number ballooned to 2500.

“In the old days kids would have to knock on the door,” explained Wilbor. “We don’t have time for that anymore because it’s an assembly line.”

To keep things moving along, Wilbor, his sidekick-cat Maggie, and his Lee St. neighbors usually set up camp on their front porches to greet all those sugar hungry monsters. Wilbor has multiple five-gallon buckets of candy ready and waiting. And he’ll need every bit of it because more and more families from all over the D.C. area flock to “Halloween Street” every October 31st.

The ghoulish gala takes place on South Lee Street between King and Gibbon. Police will put up barriers to block those streets to traffic.

Bella and Ethan Stone have been getting into the spirit by decorating their Lee St. home with skulls and tombstones. On Halloween night, they’ll pass out candy, throw on their costumes and hit the streets of Old Town too. (Bella is planning to be skeleton. Ethan is going to be a cowboy.) For them, the countdown is on!

“It’s spooky,” explained Ethan. “And you get to wear costumes pretty much the entire day!”

Jon and Maggie will also be ready. After all, more candy for more kids equals more fun.

“It’s Mardis Gras for kids,” says Wilbor.

The mini-zombies and vampires come out around 5 p.m. on Halloween night. The event is over by 10 p.m., but most residents say South Lee Street looks like an abandoned ghost town by 8:30 p.m. Pun intended.